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Advanced Thai Massage

Duration: Mon - Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm or Weekends (40-hours CE)
Course Fee: $795 ** Includes FREE Lifetime Learning Internship
Prerequisite: Basic and Intermediate Thai Massage course (or 80 hours equivalent) with knowledge of 10 major sen. Able to perform 90-min unaided Thai Massage.
Instructor(s): Kristine Traucht

This course is intended to take the principles introduced in the Basic and Intermediate Thai Massage courses to a whole new level, with a focus on therapeutic thai stretching routines and detailed energy meridian ("sen") work for specific disorders.

Thai massage is an ancient healing modality identified as a major branch of traditional medicine in Thailand. Thai massage is part of the training program of a traditional Thai physician. In this class, you will learn how a Thai physician assesses and then treats health conditions by working on the Thai sen. You will learn how to customize your Thai massage session for each client's specific health goals. We will take an in-depth look at acupressure on the Thai sen, as well as the customization of a therapeutic massage session to treat your clients.

You will be introduced to extensive charting techniques unique to Thai massage that will assist you in documenting your client's health condition and the development of a treatment plan so that you can provide your clients with guidance for after care. Interview skills and techniques will be explored, practiced, and refined during your course to assist in the discovery of important health details to ensure a proper assessment of your client.

Students will have the opportunity to learn first hand through assessing fellow students and can even receive an assessment from the instructor during class. Student's knowledge will build throughout the entire course so that on the last day they can confidently treat clients within a 1-day student clinic environment. Clients will present symptoms from major illnesses such as fibromyalgia, cancer, Parkinson's disease, muscular sclerosis, and a host of other issues for students to apply their massage knowledge.

The teacher will provide supportive guidance to students as they initiate the interview process, develop a customized treatment, share a long term treatment plan, and recommend after care for the individuals treated during the clinic. The student clinic allows you to bring together all your knowledge from the course into a real world setting with the support of your instructor.

This course will prepare students to treat clients through the extensive Thai medical massage discipline that is uniquely Thai. The knowledge shared in this course is tangible, specific, and actionable content to add into your healing arts practice. After this course, your massage sessions will always be customized for clients and targeted to treat their specific health concerns - effectively starting to apply knowledge much like that of a Thai Doctor of Massage in Thailand.

Whether you studied at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts, Old Medicine Hospital, ITM, Lotus Palm, or any other combination of schools in Thailand or the West; this is the course that will help you move beyond applying a series of techniques organized into a routine by advancing you into customizing your massage sessions for clients who present specific disorders or health concerns. Your sessions will now become more targeted and more effective.

** If you have already studied at another school and looking to continue your education, you can transfer credits into our program.

All of the following dates are available for classes with us. You only need to complete one class, consisting of all 5-days, to complete the course. Weekday and weekend course dates are available. Email or call (720-335-6053) with any questions.

Weekday Dates: May 15-19, October 2-6

*Courses fill up fast. Call with any questions you may have.

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Already studied at another school? Transfer coursework into our program.


You must have studied Thai massage in-class at least 80 hours, and be able to perform a 1.5-hour classic routine Thai massage fluidly without a book or other visual guide. It is recommended that you have 100+ hours experience giving Thai massage to clients before attending this course. The 80-hours training in Thai massage can be with the Thai Institute of Healing Arts or any other school.

A course deposit of $249 will hold your place in a class. 30-days prior to the start of the class you will need to pay the remaining balance to be confirmed in the class. Course fees are non-refundable however can be applied to any future course.

*Courses fill up fast. Call with any questions you may have.

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