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Trainer, Physical Therapists or Healthcare Practitioner

Exercise, staying fit, and helping others to be healthier is a great career choice but always a challenge. Getting the most from every session is always a top priority of every Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, and Health Practitioner.

How do you do that when your clients have so many competing priorities and need extra motivation just to get in the door? Lets face it, everyone is trying to do more with less and get the biggest BANG for their buck these days. Adding more time to extend their session is most likely not appealing to anyone.

So how do you do more with less when you are trying to help someone else along the path of a healthy lifestyle with a regular exercise routine?

As a Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist you know that stretching is so critical to healthy muscles. This is especially true when someone is working out, running regularly, recovering from injury, or is conditioning their body in anyway.

Unfortunately, stretching is the last thing that a client wants to do. It’s also an area that is undeveloped in most training curriculums that graduate trainers and therapists.
Amazingly enough, stretching can be the key to helping your clients get more “bang for their buck”. Stretching will accelerate their journey to health. Let’s face it flexible muscles are healthy muscles. It means they have good circulation, are well hydrated, and are more pliable/mobile.

Flexible muscles and stretching is the key to your client getting healthier more quickly. Healthy happy clients will tell tons and tons of their friends, family, and co-workers about you and your services. That will fill up your practice with clients looking to get healthy.

Thai massage is a technique that is helping Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists do more with less. Learning Thai massage will provide that much needed background to understand stretches that will help your clients.

"As a Personal Trainer, I always knew stretching was key to help my clients enhance their workouts. After taking the Basic Thai massage course, I was able to easily help my clients with a stretching routine combined with massage that allowed them to get more from their workouts and reduce injuries. Thai massage integrated really nice with my existing practice and clientele."

Being fit and in shape is a goal we all have for ourselves. We individually realize just how important good health is to a happy and productive life. You are in a position to help so many people achieve the goal of health. With Thai massage in your tool belt, you can not only help a lot more people you’ll also be able to build a thriving health practice with more referrals.

Learn more about our classes and how you can start to specialize in the field of massage therapy with Thai massage.

(Click to learn more) Introduction to Thai Massage or Basic Thai Massage class.

With Loving Kindness,
Kristine @ Thai Institute

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