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East West Massage:

Bodywork using Thai Techniques in a Table Massage

Course Fee: $795 ** Includes FREE Lifetime Learning Internship
CE Hours: 40-hours
: None
Instructors: Kristine Traucht

East West massage utilizes a Western style massage environment using a massage table, lotions or oils, and draping while incorporating Thai massage foundational techniques and theories. This is a highly therapeutic modality that provides students with the skills to offer treatments that will benefit clients from session to session. Students will be prepared in this course to provide a 90 minute “Thai inspired” table massage routine.

Thai sen line theory and application, proper draping for stretches and joint mobilizations, Thai style body mechanics and leveraging, communication, and several other topics will be covered. No matter what venue you will be offering this specialized modality (spa, health center, resort, gym, doctors office, etc.) you will find that the skills of delivering a highly effective table massage will assist in helping you achieve success in relieving your client's pain and increasing their overall health and wellbeing.

This course is an excellent option for professional massage practitioners to add to their skill level, increase their depth of pressure, and relieve pain from RMS - repetitive massage strain (especially the thumbs). Learning to provide this high quality, outcome based treatment can greatly add to income and success for any massage therapist.

Weekday and weekend course dates are available.Email or call (720-335-6053) with any questions.


Weekday Dates: Jun 5-9, Nov 13-17


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