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Intermediate Thai Massage

(Level 3 & 4, for comparison purposes)

Duration: 9:00am - 6:00pm (40-hours CE)
Course Fee: $795 ** Includes FREE Lifetime Learning Internship
Prerequisite: None
Instructors: Kristine Traucht

This course focuses on honing your Thai massage bodyworking skills while teaching you side position, back walking, and advanced Thai stretches as influenced by Thai yoga or "Luesii Dat Ton". Luesii Dat Ton, the Thai indigenous therapeutic stretching techniques will be shared for practitioner self care, students will understand how Luesii Dat Ton ("Therapeutic Thai Stretching") influenced the creation of Thai massage, and be able to recommend appropriate poses for client after care. We will also introduce you to the Thai herbal compress massage called "Luk Pra Khop" in Thai. Thai herbal massage is an additional way to help address concerns in your client's body through application of steamed herbal compresses directly to the body. This will provide you an added dimension to your healing arts practice assisting those that are stiff, sore, or suffering from the most serious health conditions. You will be able to incorporate the hot herbal compresses into your Thai massage sessions and your table massages.

You will be able to fine tune your body mechanics with one-on-one instruction to ensure you are effectively leveraging your body during each and every Thai massage session. (This one course is equivalent to Level 3 & 4 courses taught at other schools. Also referred to as, Thai Yoga Massage, Nuat Phaen Boran, Nuat Thai, Thai Bodywork, Thai Therapy, Thai Yoga Therapy, etc.)

All of the following dates are available for classes with us. You only need to complete one class, consisting of all 5-days, to complete the course. Weekday and weekend course dates are available. Email or call (720-335-6053) with any questions.

2017 Weekday Dates: Feb 13-17, May 8-12, Sept 11-15

2017 Weekend Dates: Apr 21-23 & 29-30

Already studied at another school? Transfer coursework into our program.

“Thank you for bringing together such an amazing group of individuals and teaching us the art of Thai massage. You are a natural teacher. You created a safe place for questions and exploration. This last week was an experience I'll never forget. I, too, wish to do this for the rest of my life."

What will I learn in the Basic Thai Massage course?

You will take your bodyworking skills up to the next level. Learn side position, back walking, and advanced thai stretches displaying the influence from Thai yoga or ("Luesii Dat Ton") while enhancing and refining your body mechanics.

Discover how to work with more challenging body types by leveraging your body more effectively or using more advanced thai stretches better designed for varying body types.

  • Enhance your body mechanics and refine your techniques to keep your client and yourself safe during every Thai massage session.
  • Study advanced bodyworking techniques. (back walking, side lying position, seated position, elbow presses into the back, advanced thai stretching postures for Thai massage, and many more)
  • Experience immersion into Thai culture through experiential learning.
  • Gain exposure to Luesii Dat Ton the Thai indigenous therapeutic stretching techniques for self care, understand how they influenced the creation of Thai massage and be able to recommend approriate poses for client after care.
  • Review Thai Massage's theory, history, and philosophy of healing.
  • Learn the application of steamed herbal compresses during a Thai massage for treatment of the most serious health conditions.
  • Build confidence in delivering a safe and more therapeutic 90- to 180-minute Thai massage.

How is your course structured?

We will accomplish these learning objectives through interactive discussions and bodywork demonstrations.

Our interactive discussions are presented in a relaxing environment to allow each student the opportunity to gain insight into the traditional healing knowledge of Thailand. Our instructors will engage you and your classmates in a dialogue that leads to you having the deepest understanding of the material being presented.

We provide each student with a course workbook that has step-by-step pictures of each technique taught with plenty of white space to take notes. The instructors will demonstrate each position in your workbook describing the position in detail so that you may ask questions and take notes. At the conclusion of the demonstration, you will have the opportunity to safely practice what you have learned with guidance from our instructors.

“Your class was spectacular for me. The love and caring you showed all of us was remarkable. I can see why interns keeps coming back. If I lived closer I'd be there every time also. This was one of the best seminars I've taken. Thank you so much."

A course deposit of $249 will hold your place in a class. 30-days prior to the start of the class you will need to pay the remaining balance to be confirmed in the class. Course fees are non-refundable however can be applied to any future course.

*Courses fill up fast. Call with any questions you may have.

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“I just want to reiterate how much I loved the class and look forward to coming back. The Thai Massage I give is 1,000 times better."

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