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Thai Teacher Training Program

Our comprehensive and in-depth Teacher Training Program prepares you to confidently conduct quality Thai massage training in Basic Thai Massage, Intermediate Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, and Thai Herbal Massage classes. This program is designed to prepare you with bodywork training, theoretical knowledge, and the ability to effectively manage a successful classroom environment.

Our unique program is designed to prepare you to become the most thorough and well educated teacher of ancient knowledge passed directly from Thailand. In order to accomplish this goal, it requires only the serious minded individual to complete this extensive program. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates can either open their own Thai massage school or seek employment at any massage school teaching traditional Thai massage knowing that your education is well developed.

We are committed to preparing you to be fully knowledgeable in passing on the gift of Traditional Thai massage within the Thai Institute lineage. We have not changed anything or mixed any of our education with other ideas: you will learn only authentic and pure knowledge directly from the source.

The program is comprised of three major components: Classroom Education, Self Study, and the completion of the Teaching Examination.

Candidates are required to complete the following classroom education with the Thai Institute:

  • Basic Thai Massage (40-hours)*
  • Intermediate Thai Massage (40-hours)*
  • Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage (40-hours)
  • Thai Foot Reflexology (24-hours)
  • Minimum of two (2) Internships of the (40-hour) courses
  • Assistant teach two (2) of the Basic Thai massage classes (40-hour each)

Total: 304 hours (includes courses, internships, and assistant teaching)

* Coursework from another school can be applied to these requirements.

Candidates are required to meet the follow criteria prior to Assistant Teaching:

  • 500 hours of logged bodywork sessions
  • Completion of a cultural project
  • Successful completion of written examination
  • Successful completion of practical examination (150-min Thai Herbal Massage)

Candidates are required to complete self-study from our required reading list provided at time of enrollment. Topics include: Thai Massage, Thai Herbal Theory, Spiritual Medicine in Thailand, Traditional Thai Medicine, Basic Anatomy, and other topics as appropriate.

Course Price* Price**
Basic Thai Massage

795 715
Intermediate Thai Massage 795 715
Advanced Therapuetic Thai Massage 795 715
Thai Foot Reflexology

449 405
Assistant Teaching of Two (2) Basic Thai Massage Classes 1595 1435
Written Examination

200 180
Practical Examination 200 180
Total $4,829 $4,345

* Price of program when each course paid seperately.

**Price of program when entire program paid in one payment.

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