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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your school issue continuing education credits (CEUs)?

Yes, the Thai Institute of Healing Arts is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. We issue continuing education credits (CEUs) with each massage and bodywork course

Those needing credits for the Yoga Alliance will be able to use our training certificates for continuing education (CE) through the Yoga Alliance.

For more details, see our Continuing Education Program.


Yoga Alliance Continuing Education
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Does your school offer financial aid?

No, at this time we do not offer financial aid. Although students are able to make payments towards any course. The course can then be taken anytime after the balance has been paid.

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What should I look for in a Thai Massage Instructor, Teacher, or School?

Students looking to understand the Traditional Thai medical arts will want to ensure their education is thorough and in-depth. It can be tough to decide where to study. There is such disparate information on the internet and through other sources. The below will help provide you guidance on finding a qualified Thai massage instructor, teacher, or school. We've also provided a set of questions you might want to ask a prospective school before beginning your study.

Q: Do you teach yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, or any other modalities as part of your Thai massage classes? Is a Traditional Thai Medicine Doctor actively involved in your curriculum?

Indian and Chinese influence has helped to shape certain areas of Thailand's medical practices however, Thai Medicine and Thai massage are part of a complex traditional medical system unique only to Thailand. For a student to fully understand Thailand's healing arts, its imperative that teachers offer students a learning experience steeped only in Thailand's knowledge. Mixing ideas from other cultures or disciplines will only serve to complicate the learning process and confuse the student.

Students should seek teachers and institutions that are teaching only Thai knowledge. If the curriculum is based in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and/or Yoga, the teacher will lack the understanding of Thai teachings and the student will leave without a full appreciation for how the techniques they've learned are practiced within the Thai medical system. The healing practices will have been watered down and are less effective.

In Thailand, it is required that all Thai massage training programs are taught under the direction of a Traditional Thai Medicine Doctor. The school you choose — whether in Thailand or the West — should adhere to this important standard. Ensure the school you choose has a Traditional Thai Medicine doctor on staff or actively involved in the curriculum.

Our Traditional Thai Medicine Doctor

Q: Have you traveled to Thailand? If so, how long did you stay and do you travel there regularly?

Thai massage and Thai medicine are part of a cultural fabric that are so interwoven it's important to have exposure to Thai culture at the same time as you are learning the bodywork techniques. A knowledgable instructor will possess the ability to transmit both technical and cultural knowledge so the student will have the fullest learning experience. All competent and qualified instructors should have spent several years in Thailand surrounded by Thai cultural experiences. Regular visits to Thailand are important to maintain the teachers connections to Thailand. This translates into a deeper understanding of the healing practices they are planning to teach.

Our Thai Medicine and Thai Massage Instructors
Our Cultural Immersion Experience

The most dedicated teachers will maintain a close relationship with their local Thai community. Thai massage knowledge has been shared with us by the Thais and staying connected in this way is important. Staying connected to the cultural heritage and indigenous practices of Thailand helps the Thai community, and it exhibits a teacher's sense of appreciation to the Thais for the knowledge they have acquired. Charitable giving and community building are also important ways a teacher can maintain their cultural connection and make a difference in the community of Thai people. How closely your future teacher is to the Thai community matters to your education. Its a sign to you of their seriousness.

Our Charitable Projects

Q: What is the seat of your lineage? When did you receive their blessing to teach? How would I contact them?

Traditional Thai instructors represent a specific lineage, historically tracing their knowledge back for centuries. A lineage represents knowledge cultivated and developed by countless Masters. It's the connection to the past in the traditional healing arts.

The proper transmission of knowledge in Traditional Thai massage and Thai medicine requires a teacher to belong to and possess the proper blessings from their lineage such that they are fully prepared to pass on knowledge to students. A Thai teachers lineage is respected daily through a regular "wai khru" and annually through an enormous celebration of "wai khru".

Q: Do you perform a regular daily wai khru? Do you attend an annual wai khru?

A teacher should introduce students to a wai khru (pronounced "why crew", meaning "respect for the Teacher"). This practice is performed by Thai massage clinics, schools, and hospitals all throughout Thailand and even by individual healers in the local villages. Its so integral to the practice of the Thai healing arts, anyone doing anything with healing will perform a regular wai khru.

A wai khru allows the Thai healer to pause in the morning to gather their thoughts and prepare for a day of healing while honoring their teachers and the founder of Thai Medicine, Jivaka Komarbhacca.

While practitioners and facilities involved in healing practices are conducting regular daily wai khrus, each major lineage will also host an annual wai khru. These are formal opportunities to bring the entire lineage together while honoring the past and present teachers of the lineage. Students and instructors alike will assemble for this enormous event. For an instructor to maintain their status as a teacher in an established lineage, they must attend this event regularly.

Our Wai Khru

Q: Can you send me a scanned copy of your teacher training certificate detailing your training?

A teacher with the utmost training and experience should have completed an extensive teacher training program. Teacher training programs range from a few weeks to a few years. Unfortunately, there are even people instructing classes in the Thai healing arts that have only watched a DVD or read a book without any hands-on training.

If you are interested in finding a serious Thai healing arts teacher, look for instructors that have completed a quality teacher training program. The training should involve years of coursework, exposure to Thai culture, and the teacher should have a mastery of Thai massage techniques with countless hours of bodywork experience. These are the minimum requirements you'll want to look for with any Thai massage instructor.

Going from untrained to a fully trained teacher meeting all of the above requires extensive study, focus, and dedication. Your instructor should be able to exhibit these important attributes of their background to you. Studying with an instructor that isn't focused or dedicated to what they teach can be a waste of time, effort, and energy. Ensure you have a teacher that is worth your own time and dedication.

Our Thai Medicine and Thai Massage Instructors

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Can I transfer coursework from another massage school?

Yes, you sure can. You are even eligible for our internship program. Learn more about transferring coursework from another school.

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What is a typical day like in the classroom?

Each massage course is taught in a relaxing atmosphere with a limit of 16 students. Our average class size is 8 students. Often we will have two instructors for each class keeping the student/teacher ratio to a minimum. This ensures you will be able to focus on learning and the teacher is available to provide the needed attention to each student. Classes will take regular breaks each day. You are welcome to bring your own lunch or eat at one of the local restaurants.

In the morning we start our class with a "wai khru" ceremony common to all schools in Thailand. Then we will have a discussion/lecture on Thai healing, culture, history, philosophy, or spiritual traditions. The massage and bodywork will be taught in segments demonstrated step-by-step by the instructor. The demonstration will focus on correct body alignment for the client and practitioner offering alternatives for varying body types. Each step will be discussed and demonstrated in detail for the students with the appropriate time to seek answers to questions.

In the afternoon, we will focus on hands-on practice and applying the techniques taught in the morning. Students will have plenty of time to practice the routine taught in a supportive and safe environment with one-on-one attention from the instructor. The class will then regroup to recap each section.

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How do I learn more?

FREE Internships
The Thai Institute of Healing Arts offers a FREE internship program.

After completing coursework with us or our sister schools, you are welcome to return to any same course in the future FREE of charge to deepen your learning at the Thai Institute. By attending the class as an intern, you have the ability to deepen your knowledge through increased exposure to the course material all over again. You will also accumulate additional training hours to qualify for professional memberships and meet insurance requirements. For Thai students, its common to stay at the school as long as 2-3 months as an intern. This unique program at the Thai Institute allows you the same opportunity right here in the USA at no additional cost — it's FREE.

To register for an internship at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts in Westminster, CO, please send an email request 4 weeks in advance of the course to denver@thai-institute.com. If you have formally studied at another school, please include a scanned image of your certificate from your previous school. You may transfer course credits from your previous studies to the Thai Institute of Healing Arts. See more information at this link, transfer course credits.

Student Clinical Opportunities

Graduates of the Thai Institute of Healing Arts may participate in our student clinic through our Westminster, CO Therapy Center. The student clinics provide the opportunity for graduates to take the lessons of the classroom and apply their knowledge with actual clients in a supportive environment.

A nominal fee is paid by the client and Thai Institute staff will assist you in further developing your skills and experience.

The following criteria must be met for a student to enter our clinic.

-Students are required to have completed, at a minimum, our Basic Thai Massage course through our Education Center. (Students are also eligible to participate in our student clinic who have completed a similar 40-hour course through another program and completed our Intermediate Thai Massage course through our Education Center.)

- Students must register for a minimum of 30-hours of clinical time with a schedule of no less than 5-hours per shift.

- Students must complete a student clinic orientation, to be scheduled on an individual basis
- Students will need to purchase, at our cost, a Thai Institute student uniform for the student clinic.
- Students must adhere to all Thai Institute standard policies for the student clinic and Code of Conduct for the Shivagakomarpaj Lineage.

To request entry into our student clinic for your continued learning, please send an email to denver@thai-institute.com with the dates and hours requested. (10am-3pm, 12-5pm, or 3pm-8pm) Longer hours may also be requested. (10am-5pm, 10am-8pm, 2-8pm, 12-8pm, etc)

The Thai Institute hosts a multitude of learning opportunities that are available to all students at no cost on an optional basis. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Seek the advice of an instructor if you would like further guidance on the best way to incorporate these into your learning experience.

The Thai Institute of Healing Arts is the only comprehensive Thai medical education, research, and treatment center outside of Thailand. Our massage therapy school will prepare you to be at the top of the massage therapy field with certification in Thai massage. Each of our programs is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking distinct qualification and knowledge to build a career in the healing arts.

Contact us at (720) 335-6053 or denver@thai-institute.com with questions regarding our programs, courses or events.

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Can you help me with travel arrangements?

Absolutely, follow this link for information on our training center location and travel arrangements.

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What do your students say about the courses you offer?

“I have taken a lot of continuing education courses in my many years as a massage therapist and I have always considered them a waste of time, energy, and money. My Basic Thai Massage course with the Thai Institute of Healing Arts cost less than all those other courses and I gained way more useful information than all those other courses combined. This course was well worth my time, effort, and money, I enjoyed the course immensely."

“My experience with the Basic Thai Massage course that the Thai Institute of Healing Arts provides was wonderful. I learned a lot about our bodies. Where the art came from, the meaning, the benefits from giving this massage as well as receiving it. The setting of the class is very comforting. I think David was a wonderful teacher, he was fun and at the same time very specific. He is very patient as well as motivating. I highly encourage anyone who truly wants to help people heal to learn this technique because it is effective and many wonderful benefits will come from it."

“I loved my Basic Thai Massage Course, not only for the information I gained on this fabulous healing art form, but also because of the true taste of loving kindness (metta) that is at the heart of it all. Many thanks to David and his entire support system for passing this gift on to me and to others."

“Thank you for bringing together such an amazing group of individuals and teaching us the art of Thai massage. You are a natural teacher. You created a safe place for questions and exploration. This last week was an experience I'll never forget. I, too, wish to do this for the rest of my life."

“Your class was spectacular for me. The love and caring you showed all of us was remarkable. I can see why interns keeps coming back. If I lived closer I'd be there every time also. This was one of the best seminars I've taken. Thank you so much"

“I just want to reiterate how much I loved the class and look forward to coming back. The Thai Massage I give is 1,000 times better"

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Should I take the Introduction to TM before the Basic TM course?

You are not required to take the Introduction to Thai Massage course prior to the Basic Thai Massage course. Some students like to take the Introduction to TM course first just to get some exposure prior to making a final decision to take our Basic TM course.

The Introduction to TM course is designed to allow individuals to just get exposure to Thai massage in a very short time frame, 1-day.

The Basic TM course is designed for professionally minded individuals that wish to perform Thai massage professionally. Either at a day spa, therapeutic clinic, yoga studio, or add it as a treatment to their individual massage practice.

If you decide to take our Basic TM course without first taking the Introduction to TM course, you would not miss any material. The Introduction to TM course is comprised of small segments of the Basic TM course. The Introduction to TM course barely scratches the surface of the material presented in our Basic TM course and is meant to provide a student exposure to TM and enough techniques to share a 30-minute massage with friends and family.

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What is the status of Thai massage certification in the USA?

Thai massage is a very new practice here in the United States. It has been practiced for several centuries in Thailand. Once the western world discovered the beauty of this ancient art, its growth has been quite rapid. Clients are seeking out qualified individuals for treatments and Practitioners/Therapists/Bodyworkers are seeking qualified schools for training.

At the present time, there is no organization in the USA that has the authority to regulate, certify, register, or accredit Thai massage Practitioners/Therapists/Bodyworkers or Schools. There are several organizations that have been created to appear as if they may be doing so, but these types of organizations are essentially membership clubs that will allow you to join for a fee.

The lack of a governing body in the USA specifically for Thai massage means that as long as you follow your local regulations and laws related to massage you are able to professionally practice Thai Massage.

Our school's thought on this topic was to achieve the highest level accreditation possible in Thailand: certification by the Thai government's Union of Traditional Medicine Society and Ministry of Public Health. We also teach classes in Thailand to Westerners and Thais. To further illustrate our commitment to quality we decided to become approved and/or certified with several organizations in the USA that care about quality education.

Thai Institute of Healing Arts is approved and/or certified by the following organizations:

Approved by Union of Traditional Thai Medicine Society (Thailand) and Ministry of Public Health (Thailand)

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) represents more than 56,000 massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. AMTA works to establish massage therapy as integral to the maintenance of good health and complementary to other therapeutic processes; to advance the profession through ethics and standards, certification, school accreditation, continuing education, professional publications, legislative efforts, public education, and fostering the development of members.

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) is a membership organization serving the massage, bodywork, somatic and esthetic professions. ABMP competes effectively for members by providing the best value and most responsive, knowledgeable service.

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is an independent, private, non-profit organization, founded in 1992, whose core purpose is to foster high standards for therapeutic massage and bodywork professionals and to advocate for the public acceptance of the value of these standards and the professionals who uphold them. Today, there are more than 90,000 nationally certified massage therapists and body-workers in the United States.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider


If you are seeking to study Thai Massage, learn more about our school and its courses. CLICK HERE

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I have heard that the Thai Institute of Healing Arts is committed to quality education, what does that mean?

Our School and Teachers embody the principles of ethics, experience, reliability, authenticity, and integrity

Ethics.Our teachers all adhere to strict guidelines as set out in the “Code of Conduct” for the Shivagakomarpaj Lineage from Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Code of Conduct is the ethical backbone of the lineage that supports each individual teacher and practitioner alike in and outside the classroom. Our teachers and educational courses follow the Code of Conduct as prescribed within this prestigious Lineage.

Experience.Our Teachers have dedicated themselves to rigorous and in-depth training to become certified to teach within our school. Each teacher has committed themselves to a minimum of 10 years of study, education, and practice specifically in traditional Thai medicine and/or massage prior to becoming certified to teach by the Thai Institute of Healing Arts. In many cases, our teachers' training and experience far surpass 10 years. This helps to illustrate the depth and commitment to Thailand’s traditional healing arts by our school. Even with their extensive training and experience, our teachers continue their education through continued training, research, and practice. Most of our teachers travel to Thailand regularly to continue their education as a “life long student”.

Reliability. The field of Traditional Thai Medicine is brand-new to the West. Very little reliable research or published material currently exists on this topic. The Thai Institute of Healing Arts is the only Thai Medical Education Center outside of Thailand supported by an exhaustive Research Center. Our ongoing projects led by our Executive Director provides our Education and Therapy Centers with evidence-based research within the TTM field. When becoming a student within our school, you can rest assured each class is fully infused with the most current and up-to-date information regarding Traditional Thai Medicine. Advanced students and Teacher Candiates have the opportunity to engage in guided research projects that advance the knowledge of the field.

Authenticity. Authenticity is very important when learning an ancient and foreign healing art. Students seeking a school to study Thai massage in this country should seek only authentic training from qualified instructors, and demand the proper transmission of knowledge from the past. Studying Thai Massage with the Thai Institute of Healing Arts means that your education will be authentic. Nothing has been changed, modified, or adjusted for improved marketability or other such goals.

Integrity. Lastly, but most importantly, the Thai Institute of Healing Arts provides continuous support back to Thailand through donations of time and funding for charitable projects in Thailand. It is our belief that the Thais have given us all the “gift” of Thai massage and it is our lifelong pursuit to ensure we are always giving back in a gesture of gratitude. We will always have a life long debt to the Thais for the magnificent gift of loving kindness and their wonderful healing arts. So it is our goal to ensure we are always attempting to repay that magnificent debt through charitable giving and contributing to the growth of this field.

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Why do you offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

We want you to feel completely at ease when registering for a course and studying with us. We want you to feel confident that you will receive a quality education in each course. We are proud of our in-depth curriculum and highly qualified Instructors and want to show you our confidence that you will be 100% SATISFIED at the conclusion of your training. If you are not happy with your training, YOU DO NOT PAY FOR IT. We know its unheard of but feel its important to further illustrate our commitment to each student's education.

Registering for a course with us is completely RISK FREE. We welcome you with warm smiles to study with us.......

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Required of all Schools by the State Council
of Higher Education for Colorado

The below information is provide per the State Council of Higher Education for Colorado.

Placement service: School does not offer placement services. We do have a directory of past graduates for employers to contact you directly. On occasion, the school will send an email notifying graduates of employers that are hiring.

Refund Policy: If a student is unable to attend a course previously registered, the student is able to apply the tuition payments to a future course. If a student would like to cancel their enrollment from a course after payment has been made and they have not yet started the course, a $100 administrative fee will apply. If the student has already started the course, a refund will be issued as follows:

  • A student who enters the school but withdraws or is terminated during the first quartile (25%) of the program shall be entitled to a minimum refund amounting to 75% of the cost of the program.
  • A student who withdraws or is terminated during the second quartile (more than 25% but less than 50%) of the program shall be entitled to a minimum refund amounting to 50% of the cost of the program.
  • A student who withdraws or is terminated during the third quartile (more than 50% but less than 75%) of the program shall be entitled to a minimum refund amounting to 25% of the cost of the program.
  • A student who withdraws after completing more than three quartiles (75%) of the program shall not be entitled to a refund.

Grievance policy: Should a student have an issue concerning the school the following steps should be taken.

  1. Contact the School Director. (if unresolved)

For questions concerning the above content, please contact our Center at 720-335-6053 or denver@thai-institute.com for more information.

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