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Therapeutic Massage

Our experienced therapists use unique and specialized talents in Eastern Massage techniques blended with Western Massage to create a highly therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for you.

You will experience this massage treatment comfortably draped with fresh linen on a plush massage table. A unique blend of herbal lotions from Asia will be used directly on your skin. Varying degrees of pressure will be applied to remove any tension or tightness that has accumulated in your muscles. This will result in the most relaxing and pain relieving experience for you. It’s the best of both worlds.

“I've had massage ALL OVER. On cruise ships and just about everywhere. I must say I have never had anything as GREAT as this. They do not even compare. This is the BEST by FAR !!!"

“I just love coming here. You guys always make me feel so great."

60/90/120 min. • $70/$105/$140
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