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“Thank you for visiting us online. You should know that I am very particular when it comes to receiving massage. That's why I am committed to bringing you the "Best of the Best". Its just one reason why I can offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, RISK FREE SCHEDULING. Let me introduce you to my team."

Marty Traucht

Director of Operations - Colorado

marty @ thai-institute.com

Marty is the Director of Operations at our center and a Thai healing arts practitioner. He is a natural deep worker, who works intuitively to relieve chronic and acute pain. His training is exclusively in Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts.

In 2001, Marty joined United States Coast Guard. He enjoyed 9 years in service as a Quartermaster/Boatswains mate. Even as a kid Marty loved helping people, this made the Coast Guard a natural choice. In 2010, he moved on from the Coast Guard. Without hesitation, Marty and his family packed up and moved to Colorado. After 2 years of college, his path eventually lead him to Thai Massage. Once he took his first Basic Thai Massage course he was hooked.

Since taking the Basic Thai massage course Marty has gone on to take Intermediate Thai Massage, Advanced Thai Massage, Thai Herbal Medicine, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, and has enjoyed interning all of the classes held at the school. This means he has taken the courses several times to gain deeper and deeper knowledge to help his clients. Spending this extra time in classes has helped him cultivate a deep respect for Thai Healing Arts, and also allowed him to refine his skills for you.

Marty is continuing to learn Thai Healing Arts through further training, spiritual practice, traveling to Thailand, and he follows what started it all......his good heart.

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Kristine Traucht

Director of Education - Colorado

kristine @ thai-institute.com

Kristine was 15 years old when she began traveling and living in Southeast Asia. Of all of the places she has lived and visited, she has held a strong affinity with Northern Thailand. Eventually, this led her career toward teaching and sharing the traditions of Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts.

In 1999, Kristine started her career in Massage Therapy in Florida. While her husband was in the Coast Guard and they were stationed at various locations around the USA, Kristine established successful massage practices in many states. When Kristine and her family left military service, they moved to Colorado. Shortly after arriving, she began to more actively pursue her studies in Traditional Thai Medicine. She traveled regularly to Washington DC and Thailand to study with her teachers.

After 6 years, Kristine completed detailed studies in art of Traditional Thai Medicine and the renowned teacher training program at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts. This included a Cultural Project on Thai Temples were she conducted onsite research in Chiang Mai, Thailand. David Roylance, a leading teacher and mentor in the field of Thai Healing Arts, and Sararut Roylance, a Doctor of Thai Massage have guided her and recognize Kristine as a respected teacher of the traditional Thai healing arts. In 2015, Kristine was offered the opportunity to lead the Thai Institute of Healing Arts in Colorado as the Director of Education.

Kristine continues to spend time connecting with her teachers and traveling to Thailand regularly to continue her studies. She is currently the Director of Education in Colorado, our primary instructor and continues to see clients regularly for massage therapy. She leads regular student trips to Thailand with her husband Marty to expose students to Thai culture, Thai medicine, Thai massage, and the Thai approach to learning.

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Stephanie Crosby

Massage Therapist

Stephanie is a licensed massage therapist who has provided clients therapeutic sessions since 2010. Stephanie studied massage therapy at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy and is a licensed massage therapist by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Stephanie is passionate about health and fitness...not only making it a career but a way of life. She has a background in endurance sports and finds herself using that knowledge to also help those who train for sporting events. She combines her knowledge of sports, fitness and massage therapy to help individuals reach their full potential. Self care is a component that Stephanie ensures to share with clients so they can continue to progress towards thier goals for health in between massage sessions.

Stephanie is continuing her learning through the active studying of Traditional Thai Massage and the Thai healing arts at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts in Colorado.

Stephanie is eager to help you on your journey to health and wellness. You can schedule a massage with her by calling (720) 335-6053 or schedule online

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Kelly Bare

Massage Therapist

Kelly Bare is an accomplished Massage Practitioner that was trained and certified at the Denver School of Massage Therapy. Her studies in the healing arts have led her to Goa, India to study Ayurvedic Massage and now into her study of traditional Thai massage and Thai medicine.

Kelly has always cultivated a caring and nurturing approach to her work. She has a deep belief in the healing power of touch and that it is invaluable to every person's overall health and well-being.

When you receive a session with Kelly, she will provide you with a compassionate, healing treatment that will help your mind, body, and spirit return to balance.

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Ann Dzingle

Massage Therapist

Ann Dzingle is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing both in traditional Thai massage and Therapeutic massage bringing components of relaxation, deep tissue, and stretching together for integrated and outcome based treatments.

Ann started her career in massage therapy shortly after leaving the corporate world. She recognizes the vital need for preventative and wellness therapy for those working within that field. Due to her experiences, she also understands the associated issues that can arise from working in a corporate office setting.

Ann utilizes an attention to detail to ensure each client's individual needs are met. You can book your session with Ann by calling (720) 335-6053 or schedule an appointment online

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A Story from Our Founder

A trip to Thailand in Dec 2002 changed my life forever. People often ask, was it the culture, the sites, the sounds, the generosity of the Thai people, what was it that changed your life?…I’ll tell you what it was.

......I have got to tell you that all those aspects of Thailand and many more drastically changed my life back in Dec 2002. But what changed it more than any one singular item is the revelation I had when I received my very first Thai Massage.

See, I often struggled with back pain. Its related to an old injury I received while in college. I would wake up in the mornings with extreme lower back pain. It was so very bad that some days it kept me from work or even my hobbies and fun activities. I would be confined to my bed for at least a day or sometimes multiple days.

My visit to Thailand in Dec 2002 was supposed to be just a little 3-week trip to get acquainted with the country and enjoy some travel time. Within the first few days of my arrival to Thailand, I was introduced to Traditional Thai Massage. I went to a well-known Temple, Wat Po, that had a school and massage clinic right onsite.

“After just one Thai massage, I knew this was not only a technique that was going to help my aching back but that I wanted to learn the technique myself. I wanted to help others by sharing Thai massage.“

Not many people realize this; Thai massage has been practiced in Thailand for nearly 1000 years. Its been passed down from one generation to the next in an oral transmission. (Grand parent to Parent to Child, continuously in somewhat of a heredity cycle.)

“ It wasn’t until recently that the Western world even discovered Thai massage.“

In 2003, I launched Touch of Asia from my 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo. We were the very first to introduce this healing art to the Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland area.

Now years later, we have two healing centers that receive accolades from all across the country and international locations. We also founded the only comprehensive Thai medical education, research and treatment center outside of Thailand, the Thai Institute of Healing Arts.

Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Doctors, Nurses, Yoga Instructors, and all types of interested individuals come to learn. They travel from all over the country and international locations to receive high quality Thai massage instruction from us. (It’s been our pleasure and honor to share the Thai healing arts with others.)

“ I am very proud of the Thais and Westerners that are part of The Thai Institute family. We are very pleased to be able to offer you the very best in the healing arts. ”

Most of our staff have been performing massage for many years. Its part of the oral tradition that continues in Thailand, in our school, and in our therapy center at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts in Westminster, CO.

“ So, whether it’s a back pain like mine or something else, neck pain, stress, headaches, muscle stiffness/soreness, chronic illness, we have the experience to help you. ”

I invite you to come get healthy through the Thai Healing Arts offered here at our massage center.

With Metta (may you be well),

David - Founder

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